Drop-in Meditation

Meditation is being increasingly accepted as a practice that cuts through and soars above cultural and religious barriers, and enables those who pursue it to establish a direct contact with the truth of their being.

Guided Meditation

Rigpa offers regular guided meditation classes which are a wonderful chance for students to experience meditation in a supportive and relaxing environment. A short teaching is usually shown during each session for guidance and inspiration and the class is led by an experienced instructor.

There is no need to book and students are invited to ‘drop in’ when they can make it. A small donation to the centre by attendees is much appreciated. Cushions and chairs are provided.

Unguided Meditation

Rigpa also offers unguided meditation sessions in the relaxed atmosphere our our centres. These are designed for people with some experience.

In the stillness and silence of meditation, students are encouraged to join others in returning to their deep inner nature to pacify their busy minds.


We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions about our meditation sessions.

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Session Times

See your local centre page for session times