Mind, Heart and Healing

Stress blocks our heart, clouds our mind, produces disease and slows healing.
Often we cannot change our outer circumstances, but we can always change how we respond to them. This fact provides the key to effective stress management
and a more peaceful, fulfilling and content life. We just need to learn how…


An inspiring and practical seminar in MELBOURNE focused on stress management, good health, healing and wellbeing with Dr IAN GAWLER OAM, BVSc, MCounsHS

Author of 6 bestselling books including

  • Meditation – an In-depth Guide
  • You Can Conquer Cancer
  • The Mind That Changes Everything

Understand how much of stress is the product of our own reactions to life events – and how we can transform all of this. What relief !
Experience 3 potentially life changing techniques that heal the heart and build healthy emotions
Practise and take home a profound yet simple method that combines relaxation, mindfulness, imagery, mantra and meditation
Discover practical ways that make it possible to apply all of this amidst the busy pace of modern life
Learn how accelerated healing is linked to inner peace – and how to sustain it


Date: Sunday 27th November, 2016 Starts 10am (arrive 9.30) to 4pm
Venue: Melbourne Rigpa Centre, 7/200 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Enquiries: Call 0402 586 360 or email melbourne@rigpa.org.au
Cost: $150/$120 concession, includes morning tea, bring your own lunch.

Please Note Ian’s books and CDs, plus other resources will be available for purchase during the day.

Read more and Book your place at: https://registration.rigpa.org.au/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=565